WALTER Karin a écrit ce commentaire.
Dates du voyage : du 2022-01-24 au 2022-02-05
Good Morning M. Blanchez, thanks again for organizing our trip to Tansania. Organisation and preparations were perfect. The journey was phantastic and beyond expectations… The itinerary was well chosen, also accomodation and activities – especially our driver Athumani was excellent – he knew his job very well, managed perfectly the sometimes extremly difficult driving even on mud roads after rainfall, knew about photographers needs and pleasures, also was a decent man and a pleasant company… We saw a lot of animals – highlights were the plains around Ndutu where thousands of gnus gave birth to their babies and dozens of predators such as lions, cheetahs, hyenas and all sorts of jackals lingered around – but also the tree lions in Lake Manyara NP and the crater of Ngorongoro and…and…and… I don´t mind if you put my words into your Livre d´Or – thats why I wrote in English which ist better than my French. Additionally I have a personal question to you. If I want to see the crossing of the migration of Mara- or Grumeti River in October or November – is that possible and where would I have to go to? I saw a map of migration where these dates were mentioned in connection with the crossing of the rivers. Thanks again and best greetings from Munich Karin Walter