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Tanzanie - En famille
Dates du voyage : du 21/10/2016 au 04/11/2016
A message to the staff at the Makoma Hill Campsite. From the moment we were warmly welcomed to the camp and introductions were made we knew that we were going to be in good hands. The professionalism of the team, their attention to detail and general smooth running of the camp made our stay a relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable one. It was a privilege that all four of us appreciated and a real high point of our holiday. Camping in a place where water is precious, electricity limited and lions call to each other as you sleep at night was such a great, unique addition to our experiences in the Serengeti. However we are aware of the organization needed to maintain such a high level of comfort, quality of food and security at the camp and for that we are truly grateful. Thank you. We sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity to return one day, until then, keep up the good job. Laurent, Laura, Mathieu and Julian A message to Simba Dear Simba, How to begin ? We should start by saying that the week spent with you couldn’t have been better. Your obvious love and understanding for the wildlife, the people and the environment which they live in made this an experience which we will treasure for years to come. Your pleasant, calm and patient manner gave a relaxed atmosphere in the landcruiser, ideal for spending days in what was sometimes quite difficult travelling conditions. You were able to spark an interest in all of us with your infectious passion to seek out all sorts of creatures, small or large, hidden so well that only your experienced eyes could see them. But we learned quickly and in a short time the four of us became ardent hunters, keen to spot the next marvelous sight that each park had to offer. You showed us how patience and commitment pays off and we were able to spend hours searching without even imagining we could give up. We felt free to ask questions or share points of view and you answered us using examples and amusing anecdotes. This all went to making the safari a truly memorable learning experience. This trip was a dream of ours and thanks to you the dream became real. Yours sincerely, Laurent, Laura, Mathieu and Julian (Junior)