Delphine & Christophe HUNAUT a écrit ce commentaire.
Tanzanie - En famille
Dates du voyage : du 15/02/2019 au 28/02/2019
PAGE 2. Our next place of stay was really deserved! Indeed, after several hours of car, we arrived in the middle of the savannah, among the animals and discovered the "andBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas". Frankly, we never imagined we could spend 3 nights in the middle of the savannah, among the animals! Our nights were very busy! Zebras who came to graze in front of the tent, lions that were heard roaring near the tent, the cries of the hyenas... enough to feed our conversations at breakfast! The boys loved it! Our daughter too even if she chose to sleep in our tent rather than with her Brothers. We loved everything there! The staff were so kind, including with our children! They talked with them about animals, told them stories, were joking with them, in short, BRAVO to Benjamin and his team and thank you for these magical moments! Special little word for Ben: Coline will keep in her room the red plaid that you kindly offered her because she was cold,-). And then a big thank you also to Matthew! Thank you for his kindness, his availability, his knowledge that he shared with us throughout the trip. Communicating with teens is not always easy because you have to find "the right channel". Matthew played the game, investigated with them to find out what had become of the dead Zebra that we had seen at 100 m of our tents and that had disappeared the next morning… He also arranged in complete discretion with Christophe our departure from the camp at 4:30 in the morning, without ever betraying anything... We stayed speechless, the kids and I, discovering the hot air balloon waiting for us for an overview of the Serengeti. Another magical moment that we can only recommend! Anyway, thanks again Matthew, you have contributed greatly to the success of our Safari!!! We finished our trip by a few days of well deserved rest in Zanzibar. Very nice discovery, like on the postcards! So, you will understand, this trip will have all marked us. Christophe and I are delighted. We wanted to mark our 50 years' birthday with the family and it is above our expectations. Thanks to Mrs and Mr Blanchez, the organization of the trip was perfect. Mr. Blanchez was always at our disposal to advise us, answer our questions and his advice proved very useful. Thanks again, good continuation to you and why not... See you again! AKUNA MATATA! Delphine & Christophe Hunaut Eliott (17), Oscar (16) et Coline (12)