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Tanzanie - En famille
Dates du voyage : du 25/09/2017 au 26/09/2017
Devoir scolaire (Septembre 2017), rendu par une jeune fille, ayant fait un safari en famille en 2010 avec notre compagnie. Emouvant ! Page 1 : A trip of a Lifetime “Oh yeah, I remember it” I exclaimed. It was true, I remembered it. It. probably the best holiday I have ever had. When I say holiday, I mean adventure or expedition. The summer of 2010, we had gone to Tanzania for a fortnight and even though it was a while ago, the memories still remain. It was quite warm for winter weather but the temperatures could fall at night time, especially when sleeping in the savannah. The region was dusty and dry making the clouds rare in the sky. On this particular day, it was the kind of day where you couldn’t really say there were clouds in the sky but you couldn’t call the day a cloudless day either because there were a few clouds standing out on the horizon. We were half way through our trip of the day when our guide, the very warm-hearted Emmanuel, decided to take us to one of the many villages scattered around the region. When we finally stepped out of the car, the sun struck us like an arrow after being sat for many hours in the shade and the coolness of the air conditioning. We were blinded for a few seconds before seeing clearly again and realising that everyone who had come to greet us was staring at us as if we were animals at the zoo. When we greeted all the children and danced with them a little, the chief of the clan came to greet us and take us to his house. He was wearing a long robe with a lightly coloured square patternand darker background. He was walking bare foot on the gravels which made me cringe in pain. However, it did not seem to bother him as he managed to walk faster than us.The second we passed the gates of the village, it was a painting come to life. Everything was done in the finest detail even though the huts were simply made of mud and thin branches. The walls of the houses were as smooth as silk and everyone wore the same type of robe but different colours. The children wore either a skirt or shorts to go to school which was less than two minutes away. My family and I were privileged to be invited into the chief’s shelter where we had some kind of tea beverage which tasted very sweet and had a milky colour, while he took the time to explain everything to us, from the structure of the houses to how many villagers there are. During the course of this afternoon lecture, we learnt a lot about the people we would later interact with and notably, we learnt that up to five children could sleep in the same bed at night. At the sound of this fact we felt devastated, shocked, but most of all extremely lucky. We also discovered that there was a fire pit in the centre of each cabin to warm it up in winter and cook on a daily basis. The buildings were designed rather small to make sure people spent as much time outdoors as possible. Theywere in a spiral shape to keep the heat out and stones were laid on the ground for the most part and sand filled in the gaps to cool down the inside of the hut. The inside was very basic with a plain wall made of mud going all the way around the cabin. After talking with the chief for what seemed like hours, we finally managed to meet the children who were finishing their school day. If you had seen the smile on their faces when we gave them colouring pencils we had brought for them, they were like nothing else could have made them happier. Their smiles were drops of sunshine on a rainy day. The school building itself was just another hut a little bit further away from the village and with a rectangular base instead of a circle like all the other huts.